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About us

LAULAU is a creative educational company, with its origins in Helsinki, Finland. Laulau was founded in 2008 by Minna Lappalainen, a Finnish music educator and award-winning children’s songwriter. Many seeds of ideas started to germinate while playing, creating and experiencing music and arts together with her own children. Minna found that these ideas could not be found on the “store shelf”, so she decided to start developing them herself.

Since the beginning the mission of Laulau has been to bring joy of art and inclusion to the classroom and to support a child’s holistic growth and learning through creative work methods. Today the Laulau® Learning methods are an established part of the Finnish early childhood education and special education, as well as rehabilitation, e.g. speech and occupational therapy. The methods are also widely taught as part of teachers’ professional education at universities around Finland.

In 2019, Minna came over to England and met Stephanie at a training session. Stephanie, who is an experienced teacher and a music educator, started to use the Laulau® Songdrawing Method regularly with both EYFS and KS1 children and both her and the children fell in love with it. With positive learning experiences and understanding of the pedagogical possibilities of the method, Stephanie reached out to Minna in 2021 and they decided to bring Laulau to the UK. After plenty of Zoom conversations and a magical trip over to Finland to complete training, Stephanie is now trading as Laulau® Learning UK, providing method and training services throughout the UK. You’re more than welcome to join the creative world of Laulau, and to experience the power of the arts as an essential part of learning.

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