I work at a private daycare in Turku, Finland, with a group of 3-5 year olds. I want to provide the children with musical joy and experiences without any pressure.

After training, the method found its way naturally into my own work. In our morning circles, for instance, I use the songs The Sun, Clouds and the Sun, and Raindrops, as we look at the weather outside. This is the high point of the morning circle for many children. In the morning circle, we often meet the “hedgehog” and we draw as many spikes as there are children present.

It has been wonderful to notice how excited the children are and how they calm down and concentrate on the songdrawing activity.

I have found the possibilities for using this method to be almost endless, when you as an adult have the courage to throw yourself into the moment.

Heidi Carrassi – Daycare worker